about me
nora or shristi sasian hindu non binary lesbian he love prns only
please don't use she her or they them pronouns on me it makes me uncomfortable, no gendered terms unless we know eachother.
my print
making crds, my friends, fromis, desi culture, music, saturdays, animals
crd acc retrospring referral

i make kms/kys jokes so lmk if you're uncomfy, i dont use tone tags but i will if you need them, ia sometimes.
over 18, basic dni criteria, skz or suju fan, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, invalidate neoprns.

fromis wjsn lesserafim raveena keshi youra flo the neighborhood arctic monkeys cas and more
youth of may, true beauty, wfkbj, f4 thailand, 2gether, shooting stars, sweet, home all of us are dead, shadow beauty +